XXXTentation; the Investigations Continue

    XXXTentation began to draw attention around 2017 with his song “Look At Me!” A year later he turned up dead after being shot in front of a motorcycle store, apparently two men in hoodies and sweatshirts riding in a Dodger wanted to steal his chain.

    Where do we get Drake in all this mess? Shortly after releasing “Look At Me!” Drake released the album “More Life” in which X accuses him of plagiarizing his song with “KMT”. Between tweets full of anger he also accuses Dreezy of plagiarizing D.R.U.M.‘s song “Cha cha” with his “Hotline Bling”.

    In 2018 XXXTentation continued to enjoy success with the release of his album “?”. What is unexplained is that year X posted a story on Instagram saying that if he dies or something bad happens to him, he points the finger at Drake; and in fact tags him in the same. Within months of the rapper’s death Drake released “Scorpion” and there is speculation that Drake was afraid of not having the success of “?” With “I’m Upset” it is said that there are veiled references to XXXTentation in the lyrics

    Suspicions were further triggered after the artistic split with The Weeknd and some strange references to Drake in the song “Price On My Head” or Travis Scott’s music video with Drake in which Drake falls as an asteroid on a guy resembling X.

    At the moment Drake only says that he did not know X,  but it is claimed that his testimony is crucial in getting to the bottom of the story. As icing on the cake we can say that Drake’s song “On BS” features an absolutely chilling line stating, “If he had bitten his tongue on that live, he’d still be alive.” Many have interpreted this as a dig at the late rapper.

    With the trial pending,  we will remain very attentive to the details about the death of X and Drake’s accusation.

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