Why Bizarrap has become a phenomenon?

    Well-known music video producer Bizarrap is someone who keeps everyone in suspense waiting for his next session: the BZRP Music Sessions. Last summer we had him on tour in Spain and he has certainly given a lot to talk about. This is in addition to making lots of good music to dance to.

    As the Spanish music producer Aisho said, “Bizarrap was not the inventor of the format of recording video clips in the studio. Nor was he the first or the one who invented putting colored LEDs in the studio. However, he has taken over this format making any video that is recorded in this format look like a cheap copy of Bizarrap”.

    His work, which has millions of views on Youtube, has been characterized by bringing together urban music artists like Quevedo. He has hosted beefs that have gone down in history, such as Residente’s, which has already been chanted at his concerts. Nathy Peluso‘s hit song that has made millions of people dance with a scandalous show. 

    We could not leave out the talk of the moment, his last episode with Shakira heating up the atmosphere with her verses addressed to her former husband, Gerard Pique. But it is not the only controversy surrounding this last Bizarrap session with the Colombian, as the Venezuelan artist Briella has stated that Shakira’s new song has a clear similarity to hers.

    Bizarrap has shown he knows how to create a brand and dominate his market. He has brought together the best in all disciplines of urban music without neglecting a detail of his image and his productions that are well glued and sound luxurious. Many consider him the producer of the moment, what do you think?

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