Tyga blows up Opium and turns one of Barcelona’s Best Clubs on its Head

    Opium is one of the top clubs in Barcelona; a club famous for not only for having a spectacular space, but also its luxurious VIP suites and the delicious gastronomy on offer nearby. Opium’s terrace is right on the beach, next to the Hotel Arts, so you can enjoy the terrace for lunch or a drink with unbeatable views.

    Opium of course has always had a very good program, especially in summer, when club management tries to attract as much attention as possible. They do this by featuring the hottest artists in an intimate environment away the festival scene, which can be overwhelming.

    On Sunday, July 30, the G13 team witnessed the spectacle of Tyga performing live. The room was already packed from early in the morning, so we grabbed our drinks and went straight to the dance floor while we waited for his arrival. Even though waiting in the front row with the heat and such a large crowd was quite difficult, it would prove worth it. 

    It was a Hot Night, and Tyga Made it Hotter

    Tyga finally showed up at 3:30 with a lot of energy, cheering the crowd before letting loose with his flow. You have to remember that club showcases are a bit different than the concerts we are used to, as they are shorter and sometimes the artists sing with the dance floor underneath them. But who can resist chanting their favorite songs along with Tyga? The audience made it clear, no one.

    “Hookah” was the first song that left Opium breathlessly screaming and clapping their hands non-stop. Then came the classic “Rack City”, that brought out the most energy from the audience while the great Tyga gave it his all.

    The Legend Performed All His Biggest Hits

    Tyga, affected by the heat from the crowd and the lights, took off his clothes until he was left without his sunglasses and shirt. But he was still ecstatic from the hype of the room, the sweltering heat of the public and the spotlights. This was a very intimate show in which the artist did not hesitate to shake hands with everyone he was near, and he was obviously in a very good mood.

    “Taste” was played and the crowd went crazy, but not as much as they did with “Loco contigo”, which people screamed like crazy with Tyga rapping live. Obviously “Ayy Macarena” was not missing and, singing it in Spain made the energy in the room rise to a crescendo.  “Go Loco” was a very top moment that unleashed the madness, with the crowd shouting “Maria Maria Maria”.

    It was a very special night, and even though it was a short set on a blisteringly hot night, we would repeat without hesitation. Tyga drove us crazy and we hope he comes back soon. From the G13 team, Tyga, we invite you to stop by the club to relax before continuing your tour.

    G13 Club is a private social club for medical and recreational cannabis users based in Barcelona. It is also a space for musical and artistic development that promotes a multitude of activities focused on the expression and exhibition of urban, hip hop, reggae and skate culture.

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