Rihanna to Star in the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show

    The Super Bowl is the championship of the National Football League. In the USA, this game is an annual tradition like no other. Those who can attend the event in person are considered among the fortunate few,  while the rest of the country glues their face to the TV with family or friends to watch the game. 

    Michael Jackson at the 1993 Super Bowl

    In 1993 the great Michael Jackson starred in the first halftime “big” halftime show. The broadcasters wanted something special to keep casual fans interested in the event, and there was no one better suited for this than Michael Jackson. At the time, he was arguably the biggest star in the world, which made him the perfect person to headline the show.

    As you might expect Michael, sent the audience into a frenzy, starting with his first appearance in holograms on the jumbotron, which confused the fans in attendance until he appeared in person on the stage. From this iconic moment, the bar for future performers was set incredibly high. The show that would forever change the perception of halftime of the Super Bowl from an afterthought to an event that is as big as the game itself.

    Super Bowl halftime show 2022; 50 Cent, Eminem, Dr Dre, Mary J. Blidge, Snoop Dogg

    The Super Bowl is the perfect example of a show that “must go on”. Even COVID couldn’t stop the game. In 2020, on the precipice of a global pandemic, pop stars Shakira and Jennifer Lopez gave one of the most spectacular halftime shows ever along with J Balvin and Bad Bunny. They not only rocked the house, they represented Colombian and Puerto Rican culture to the fullest. 

    Last year was a great moment for Hip Hop lovers. It featured west coast legends like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar. The show was also complimented by the legendary Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent and Eminem. In every way, they brought the best traditions of “the hood” to the Super Bowl stage. 

    Snoop Dogg captured on international television enjoying his cannabis

    One of the funniest moments on screen happened when Snoop was caught before the show smoking his own blunt. Although he promised not to go out smoking during the show, he didn’t say anything about what he would do before it started. So, in a stadium full of cameras, he was captured on international television enjoying his cannabis. Oops!

    Rihanna to Star in the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show

    This year’s Super Bowl will feature Rihanna, an international icon, businesswoman and philanthropist taking  center stage at State Farm Stadium for the Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show at Super Bowl LVII. We’re still looking forward to it, as it will take place in Glendale, Arizona on Sunday, February 12, 2023, no less. 

    Undoubtedly this artist deserves her place in the expected show and questions and speculations are already beginning to arise.


    Who will be her guest? Many are crying for Eminem, which is unlikely since Dre invited him last year, and others are crying for Drake, the singer’s ex-partner. However, many eyes are on ASAP Rocky, Rihanna’s current partner and father of her child. Anyway, we can only wait and fans everywhere are anticipating RiRi’s return to the stage in style.

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