MOVE: the new Easy-S and Toteking conceptual joint venture

    Easy S and Toteking are among the most respected rappers in Spain. They came together three years after songs like “Brindis” and “Otra vez”. Now they release a collaborative EP titled “Move”, an ambitious and very solid proposal within what has been done in Spanish rap.

    The malagueño and the sevillian have brought one of those projects that have the possibility of becoming a classic. Five tracks that make up a 16-minute concept, all with an aesthetic and having a color that characterizes each song. Considered one of the most anticipated EPs of the year.

    A conceptual EP where they show us instrumentals from producers J.Moods, Spinnhelli and Martello Sosa. From more classic rap beats, to more electronic ones. Easy and Tote have managed to get a completely round idea where there is a balance between feelings, bars, sass, attitude, style and freshness along with a brilliant production.

    Agustín Escarmez, Pedro Marnez and Cra Cra Lab have been in charge of putting together the striking aesthetics of the album and the videos.  Beyond a collaboration, this duo has decided to unite Malaga and Seville in a joint hit.

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