12 years of Block Party in the Llobregat Hip Hop scene

    Block Party offered a poster trying to give its place to all the artists who have passed through the Block in these 12 years. As you can imagine the line-up was very extensive and the hours were short, because a good party is always short. Accompanying this luxury celebration they prepared a whole line of clothing including T-shirts, hats, fanny packs … in collaboration with Demad.

    It’s 12 years of Block but how did it all start? Inspired by Hip Hop culture and BlockParties of the 70’s in New York City, the Llobregat Block Party Cultural Association began to take shape in 2010. The development of this project is carried out through two main activities: The training, where a working group is created, and the Block Party, a participatory party open to all where these groups have the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned.

    Graffiti at Llobregat Block Party

    With the trajectory and scope of the Block it was not surprising that from early morning people surrounded the Ateneu de 9 Barris waiting for the opening of doors and wondering if there were still tickets to buy at the box office. And you could wake up to not miss a single one, because the showcases were short and almost without pause, the music did not stop playing.

    If you follow this project since its inception you will have known the trajectory and development of great artists like Chung Man Kim hypnotizing you either rapping or with a good R&B combining his lyrics in different languages. Mayesty Lady and Felino Skizo also joined the party showing all their attitude on a stage that was pure fire.

     The G13 team could not miss and Zumbiman took the stage with Pielroja to show their strength to the whole room accompanied by Ander Draw. Asma Ramirez showed who is the toughest on the microphone, putting Brillo and making everyone raise their hands.

    If we put the eye on essential we would be talking about Senyor Oca that performance after performance shows his versatility at the microphone. Herida Abierta is another band that we had not seen in action for a long time and they showed that they are still fresh and with enough energy to make the whole room vibrate.
     Although the crowd was very entertained by the strong line up, the highlight of the event was an appearance by hip hop legend, Jeru The Damaja. The room became his playground and the Brooklyn native had the audience eating out of his hand. As expected, Jeru owned the mic and motivated the audience to sing and repeat his lyrics along with him throughout his performance.

    Bboy’s dancing at 12 years of Llobregat Block Party

    The anniversary concluded with Saturday’s event at Nau Bostik. The crowd was treated to sessions from several of Barcelona’s most heralded DJ’s, including  King Horror, Dj Enzo and the man who is perhaps Barcelona’s most famous DJ, Cidtronyck. The Bboy style reigned supreme while people enjoyed a night of truly unique music and entertainment.

    G13 Club is a private social club for medical and recreational cannabis users based in Barcelona. It is also a space for musical and artistic development that promotes a multitude of activities focused on the expression and exhibition of urban, hip hop, reggae and skate culture.

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