PielRoja releases “Arsénico”

    PielRoja is more active than ever. We recently told you about their latest video clips “Walter White” and “Bogonights”, and of course we were not going to miss their latest gem “Arsénico”.

    The beat of Unloged leaves you crazy with that sung sample that says “I don’t want coke, coke makes me crazy” and then captures you completely creating a mysterious atmosphere, a jazzy touch with some piano chords lowering the BPM.

    PielRoja gets inside your head to tell you a story about drugs, how everything changes and all this with a soft, soft and sensual voice to create a mood that makes you want to know more.

    His rhymes make you dust with credit, debit and how to give it all to’ with the synthetic calling poison to the coke that suffocates. Throwing the white powder that forms the word “Arsenic” to hell. In the video, you can see G13 AllStars Zumbiman and Asma Ramirez dancing along with Islote Underground among many others.

    It’s always a pleasure to have a new track from this great artist that makes you want to put it on repeat with your hand raised and your fist pumping. At a minimum, you have a new great track for your playlist!

    G13 Club is a private social club for medical and recreational cannabis users based in Barcelona. It is also a space for musical and artistic development that promotes a multitude of activities focused on the expression and exhibition of urban, hip hop, reggae and skate culture.

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