What type of cannabis is best after a workout?

    Working out and getting physical exercise is an essential part of staying healthy. To that end, G13 Magazine wanted to take a look at the three main types of cannabis and give you some advice about which one is best after a workout. Originally, there were two main types of cannabis, which are:

    • Indica
    • Sativa

    Through the years, cannabis growers have crossed Indica and Sativa strains to create a third type of cannabis, known as a hybrid. Hybrid growers attempt to blend their preferred aspects of indica and sativa into one, single strain that offers the best of both worlds.

    Following decades of propaganda, cannabis is very often associated with laziness, and even stupidity. But on the contrary, many world-class athletes are beginning to break this stereotype, and use weed to enhance performance and aid recovery.

    The Indica strain, which is characterized by short, bushy plants, is often recognized as the single most “powerful” strain. It usually produces a heavy, body-high, that causes the user to want to “relax” and chill. Indicas are also very well known for their ability to help users with pain relief, lowering anxiety and reducing stress. Stronger strains can also help users with sleep and also increase their appetite. 

    Sativas are characterized by long, skinny plants and produce what is more of a “head high”. They are best when it comes to daytime use and sparking creativity and although indicas are noted for being strongest, there are still some very potent sativa varieties out there as well. 

    Not only is playing sports as a stoner a potentially spiritual and performance-enhancing experience for some; weed also plays an important role when the sessions come to an end.

    Hybrids can combine any number of the characteristics of indica and sativa, and each individual hybrid will have a more “dominant” side when it comes to which affect the user feels most strongly. So, if you were looking for a more body-heavy high that didn’t also “nail you to the couch”, you may opt for a sativa dominant strain. But, if you wanted a head-high that would allow you to stay creative but still offer pain relief, an indica dominant strain might be best for you. 

    After a workout, it’s quite likely that your body will have released endorphins of its own, which is where the term “runner’s high” comes from. However, once those endorphins wear off, the physical effects of your workout may become manifest as muscle soreness and pain. With that in mind, an indica strain might be best for you to enjoy after a tough work-out. Ask the budtender at your favorite dispensary what they recommend!

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