Thailand’s long term vision for legal cannabis becomes clear

    Many eyebrows were raised around the world when Thailand became the first Asian nation to legalize cannabis in late 2022. Even though the country had legalized cannabis use for medicinal purposes in 2018, recreational use seemed like a far off dream; until it wasn’t. Although Thailand has always had an active cannabis culture, it maintained the strict anti-cannabis laws that are common throughout Asia

    Now that cannabis has become legal in Thailand, the country’s long-term vision is becoming clearer. It is not Thailand’s goal to become an “Asian Amsterdam”, but rather to become a destination for upscale and luxurious cannabis tourism. This goal meshes well with the fact that Thailand is already a popular location for foreigners to come and receive medical treatments or undergo plastic surgery.

    It is estimated that nearly 30 million tourists per year journey to Thailand for the wellness and mental health industries. However, Thailand’s tourism industry was decimated by the Covid crisis. It is currently the hope that the healing properties of cannabis will combine with Thailand’s existing health and wellness industry to turn Thailand into a high-end, cannabis oriented wellness tourism hub. 

    All over the country, cafes are opening that serve CBD infused teas and gastronomy.  There is even an idea floating around to create “safe zones” where people can enjoy cannabis that would allow tourists to enjoy cannabis in various areas of the country. Currently, Thailand’s new cannabis policies only apply to Thai citizens

    While it remains possible (and relatively easy) for tourists to obtain cannabis in Thailand, it is still not legal for tourists to possess. Even the medical cannabis legalization has not fully evolved how it will incorporate non-Thai citizens into the country’s legal cannabis system. 

    In spite of the many questions and obstacles that remain, it is clear that Thailand is charting a new path on cannabis. Neighboring nations in S.E. Asia are keeping a close watch on the results. If Thailand has success with its new cannabis plan, it could lead to a sea-change for cannabis in a part of the world mere possession of cannabis can result in long prison terms or the death penalty. 

    In the meantime, tourists to Thailand should still proceed with caution when it comes to cannabis. Regardless of the changing legal environment for Thai citizens, attempting to smuggle cannabis products into or out of Thailand is still a serious crime. With all that said, the situation in Thailand is certainly encouraging for cannabis reformists around the world. G13 Mag will keep an eye on this space and inform readers of new developments as they occur. 

    G13 Club is a private social club for medical and recreational cannabis users based in Barcelona. It is also a space for musical and artistic development that promotes a multitude of activities focused on the expression and exhibition of urban, hip hop, reggae and skate culture.

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