G13 Magazine takes a look at the most popular blunt wraps

    For as long as people have been smoking cannabis, each individual smoker has had their preferred method of doing so. Although the classic joint is still highly preferred in Europe, the blunt has begun to rival it in popularity.

    This is undoubtedly thanks to the efforts of high-profile blunt lovers like Snoop Doggy Dogg, Cypress Hill and many other figures on the hip hop scene. These brands have gone from cheap cigars at American bodegas to being requested all over the world. G13 Magazine takes a look at some of the most popular blunt wraps today. Try them all and see which one you prefer!

    Phillies Blunt-Depending on who you talk to, the Phillies Blunt cigar is the one that started the blunt craze. Although no one is sure when or where the first Philly blunt was split open and filled with cannabis before being refilled and smoked, no one can doubt its popularity. 

    A pack of Phillies Blunt

    The irony here is that Philly Blunt cigars were of notoriously low quality when it came to the tobacco that was originally rolled inside of them. However, their large size and ubiquitous presence in the bodegas of the East Coast at the dawn of the hip hop scene saw them quickly become the brand of choice for smokers, especially on the east coast of the United States. Their popularity was further enhanced by a well-marketed brand of t-shirt featuring their iconic logo. 

    Although other brands such as White Owl and El Productos were also popular, it’s hard to imagine any blunt wrap being more popular than the Phillies Blunt was in the 80’s and 90’s during hip hop’s golden age. 

    Backwoods-As east coast hip hop moved deeper into its golden age, the Backwoods brand of cigar wrap became very popular. Unlike Philly Blunts, Backwoods were actual tobacco leaves in a bag, meant to be rolled by whoever purchased them. Backwoods tobacco leaves were much softer and fragrant than Philly Blunts, albeit a little bit harder to roll due to the lack of a uniform shape. However, skilled practitioners preferred backwoods because they retained a natural moisture and many people would also enhance their flavor by soaking them in rum before rolling and smoking them.

    Swisher Sweets-The Swisher Sweet is without a doubt the preferred choice of blunts for cannabis lovers on the West Coast and down South. These long, slim cigars were smaller in size than the Philly Blunt, but they also had a distinct sweet taste and tended to burn at the perfect pace to accommodate the notoriously sticky, wet cannabis the West Coast was famous for. They were also easy to roll and had an aroma that effectively masked all but the strongest cannabis odors. 

    A packet of Swisher Sweet

    For both of these reasons, many people consider the Swisher to be the perfect blunt.  West Coast MC’s like Snoop Doggy Dogg and top producers like Houston’s Swisha House (which takes its name from the Swisher Sweet) made the swisher so famous that the company began selling individual blunt wraps along with their traditional cigars.

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