The Best Ramen in Born. And Maybe All of Barcelona Too!

    There is something deeply satisfying about a nice bowl of soup in the winter months. The January chill is a perfect time for Ramen, and Grasshopper Ramen in Born offers up one of the best bowls in the city. Last year, G13Mag reviewed Takumi Tonkatsu Ramen, and it was impressive. It is also a chain with several locations in Barcelona. Their ramen is quality, but there is an unmistakably “franchise” feel in their locations. 

    Grasshopper Ramen on the other hand, is clearly an independently owned, traditional ramen bar. Even its configuration, a small restaurant with a single bar where patrons sit side by side on small chairs to enjoy their preferred soup, is right out of the Japanese tradition. It’s a small restaurant, and if you need any indication of their quality, you can judge it by the fact there is consistently a line of people waiting outside to get in.

    Two Bowls of Delicious Grasshopper Ramen

    When you do get inside and order your ramen, the wait is immediately worth it. The traditional tonkatsu ramen is a complex, delectable combination of meat and fish broth that tastes like it’s been slow cooking for days. Every time you get another spoonful of this delicious ramen it dances on your tongue. The ramen noodles themselves, also an essential aspect of any good ramen bowl, are also excellent. They are cooked to perfection and offer the perfect mix of texture to your bowl. 

    Veggie Miso Ramen

    Another highlight on the menu for vegetarians is the Veggie-Miso Ramen. This is equally delicious and made from a vegetable broth cooked very slowly by a master ramen maker. It’s always nice when a restaurant has equally good vegetarian and meat options; it makes it much easier for people to find common ground on where to eat. 

    Grasshopper Ramen also features a nice selection of appetizers and side orders, such as Gyoza, Japanese Seaweed Salad and Edamame Beans to fill out your meal. There used to be beer on tap, but it has been replaced by a solid variety of high quality micro-beers. Of course there is also a good selection of Sake, the traditional Japanese rice wine. Bowl for bowl, Grasshopper Ramen might just be the best in the city. 

    Grasshopper Ramen is located at Plaza de La Llana 9, Barcelona 08003

    They are open from 1-4pm and 8-12AM Monday through Thursday 

    Fridays and Weekends they are open from 1-4pm and 7:30-12AM

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