Fella Focacceria, a taste of Tuscany in Born

    Italy is famous for lots of different food, but pizza usually gets the lion’s share of the headlines. Although no one would ever argue against a great pizza pie, there is another, lesser known but equally delicious flatbread that also represents the best of Italy’s culinary traditions: focaccia. If you happen to be in Barcelona’s Born neighborhood and you’ve had your fill of bocadillos, Fella Focacca is a great change of pace.

    What is Focaccia?

    Focaccia is a delicious Italian flatbread with a delightful crunchy exterior and a light, pillowy interior. Many historians trace this classic dish back to the Etruscans of Northern Italy, meaning Focaccia pre-dates ancient Rome. The fact that people have been enjoying it for over 2,000 years is a testament to its deliciousness. Originally, focaccia was used to dip into artisan style soups, or even olive oil. 

    In fact, there are many Italian restaurants who still serve focaccia and olive oil as an appetizer. Thankfully, that’s not where the story ends. Even after the fall of Rome, focaccia remained popular in Northern Italy, mainly due to the fact that it’s a great blank canvas for toppings. Modern focaccerias all across Italy have created a cottage industry out of topping this wonderful flat bread with everything from cheese to cured meats and vegetables.

    Fella Focaccia

    If you’re from America, or you’ve only been to Southern Italy, you are probably much more familiar with Pizza. This is largely due to Focaccia’s northern roots, where it is arguably more popular than pizza across Tuscany and in cities like Genoa. However, if you happen to be in Barcelona, you can discover this wonderful treat in all its glory at Fella Focacceria in Born. 

    Fella is owned and operated by Italians who make their focaccia fresh on the premises. Open from 12pm-9pm Wednesday to Saturday, they offer up some incredible focaccias for a great price. You can get a traditional (but delicious) Margherita for 3.30, or you can up the ante and get one of their other selections, which include:

    • Mortazza-Mortadella, pistachio and burrata 4.90;
    • Crema de Ricotta-Ricotta cream, semi-dry tomatoes and basil 4.50;
    • 5 Cheeses-Ricotta, Gorgonzola, Romano, Mozzarella, Parmesan 4.90.

    There are also vegan options served in deep dish round pans. One is stuffed full of tomatoes, oregano and green olives, while the other is topped with delicious sweet roasted onions. A wedge of these focaccias is only 3.30.  Fella also features a great selection of microbrews and artisan sodas to drink. All this makes Fella a great place to go after spending some time relaxing at G13. 

    There is also a lovely wine Bodega (Bodega de Maestrazgo) across the street, where you can grab some fresh wine to enjoy with your focaccia. Without a doubt, Fella Focaccia is one of the tastiest snacks in all of Born. Don’t be fooled by chains with pre-made focaccia from a microwave. That’s not the real deal. Fella Focaccia certainly is. If you’ve never had focaccia before, you will certainly have it again after visiting Fella. 

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