Do You Like Authentic Argentine Empanadas? Join the Empanada Club!

    It’s hard to imagine a better street food than a proper Argentine Empanada. These delightful baked pastries, which can be stuffed with an almost endless variety of fillings, are famous all over the world. Considering that Argentina is a former Spanish colony that still retains a strong cultural connection to the mother country, it makes perfect sense that Barcelona would have an abundance of Empanaderias.

    With that said, The Empanada Club stands out as one of the city’s best!

    Entrance of ‘Empanada Club, Born, Barcelona.

    The Empanada club offers an incredibly authentic empanada that any aficionado of this ubiquitous Argentine delight will certainly enjoy. They are baked fresh all day, and feature a variety of traditional fillings such as Carne Picante, Carne Dulce, which are both delightful and incredibly flavorful. However, the empanada is a blank canvas, and the Empanada Club has an incredible range of options, including gourmet and vegetarian empanadas. Aside from the classics, you can choose from a huge menu that includes:

    • Tomato, basil and cheese
    • Tuna
    • Spinach
    • Corn
    • Spicy chicken
    • Mushroom and cheese
    Some of the empanadas from Empanada Club.

    You can enjoy any of these for just 2.50 Euros. But you can go with a gourmet option like a spicy chicken curry or the savory “La Ahumada”, which is an incredible mix of sliced beef and smoked Scamorza cheese, for 3.50 Euros. There is even a sweet option on the gourmet menu, which is known as “The Sinner” that’s filled with merengue, caramel and Nutella cream. 

    Daily specials include your choice of 3 standard empanadas and a soft drink for 7.80 Euros. This special makes for a delightful lunch by the way. If you’re looking for something a little different, the empanada club also offers Fugazetta, which is basically a slice of medium thick crust Argentine style pizza. It’s also made fresh daily and very delicious, but as you might imagine at a place called The Empandada Club,  the empanadas are the stars of the show.

    Finish it all off with a delicious Alfafor, an irresistible sandwich style cookie with fresh caramel between two luxurious marzipan cookies. Best of all, you can get this delicious taste of Argentina at multiple locations all over Barcelona, including Born, Gracia and Sants. No matter where you go, or which empanada you choose, it’s a good bet that once you try the Empanada Club, you’ll become a frequent member who comes back again and again.

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