Barceloneta is the skate spot with sea views that you can not miss

    On the Yellow line L4 stop of Barcelona’s metro system, you will find Barceloneta. This old fisherman’s village is one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of the city. 

    It’s characterized by narrow alleys and tall old buildings, bars, restaurants and a very long beach 1 km from the metro. To get to the sea, just follow Passeig de Joan Borbó, the large boulevard that runs along the harbor. It’s impossible to get lost.

    Once you arrive, you will immediately find yourself surrounded by many different spots that attract skaters from all over town. So you just need to get off the subway and get on your board to explore this irresistible neighborhood.

    Just off the metro, there are a series of fantastic ledges, a landmark in the area: long and high, with a perfect floor for skating if you have a lot of pop. 

    Ledge at the “Barceloneta” subway exit.

    Down Passeig de Joan Borbó, towards the beach, are the legendary banks, all of different sizes. A very fun place, especially because of the smooth and perfect pavement.

    One of the famous banks of Barceloneta.

    If you go a few meters further, you can find some wooden modules that could be used as ledges. They now have skate stoppers on the edges, but can still be used as a manual pad.

    Wooden modules in Passeig de Joan Borbó.

    If you go left along the sea, you will dive into the heart of the neighborhood. This is where you’ll find one of the most famous spots in the city: another bank with a curb on top, a perfectly quartered floor. It’s almost impossible for a skater to not have fun here.

    At the end of Passeig Joan Borbo, going towards the direction of the W hotel, cross the promenade and you will find a very long slappy (a low coping that you can grind without Ollie).

    Slappy close to W Hotel.

    Leave the beach behind and take the slope that borders the W.

    You will reach an open space completely surrounded by the sea and find yourself enveloped by a pleasant Mediterranean breeze.
    You won’t be able to miss a long, smooth cement block right in your immediate line of sight. This is the famous skate spot outside of the Hotel Vela, which can be used as a ramp or you can jump directly.

    Cement block right in front of the W Hotel.

    If you change your point of focus and look towards the horizon, you will see three ledges a few meters away. Their wide and smooth construction makes them perfect platforms to grind on while you enjoy the majestic view of the Mediterranean glistening in the background.

    Ledges of W Hotel.

    Last but not least, the double set at the end of the pier. It is small,  but perfect for shooting videos of you and your friends grinding. Although the surface is somewhat uneven here, it won’t stop you from having a good skate session. 

    The double set at the end of the pier of W Hotel.

    If you need a break, it’s time to go back to the beach: the palm trees are perfect to find shade and contemplate the horizon comfortably sitting on the grass.
    This is one of the most popular stretches to end the day closing the last tricks at sunset. Our advice is to relax with a beer, which you can buy from the hundreds of vendors who will pass your way in the classic Barceloneta chant “beer, water, beeeerrrr…”. It will be impossible not to be conquered by such a peculiar part of the city.

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